Email Protection

Email Protection

Mail protection

This section describes how to enable or disable mail protection for a Lotus Domino server, how to select email objects to be scanned, how to configure the filtering of email attachments, how to configure email objects processing based on anti-virus scan results.

If mail anti-virus protection is enabled, Kaspersky Anti-Virus scans and processes all incoming, outgoing and routed messages on the Lotus Domino server.

Delivery of messages is delayed while they are scanned and processed. Email messages are broken into their constituent parts: body, attachments and OLE-objects. After this, attached objects are filtered by size and (or) filename and scanned for viruses.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus uses the kavmonitor task to scan email messages on the Lotus Domino server. If the kavmonitor has been stopped (or has not been started), anti-virus scanning of mail is not performed. Unprocessed email messages are not delivered to users, and are instead stored in the database. The kavmonitor task has to be started in order for email messages to be delivered to users.

Infected objects and objects that were not scanned due to system failure or damage are processed in accordance with the mail protection settings. A separate procedure may be assigned for attachments that exceed the maximum allowed size and / or whose names match the filename mask.

After installation the application uses the default mail protection settings. You can change them in accordance with the security requirements of the protected Lotus Domino server. Some of the default settings listed in this section are disabled or can be disabled by the administrator.

By default, before being processed, a copy of the whole message or a copy of the object is placed in Quarantine.

Information that a message has been scanned by Kaspersky Anti-Virus and a description of actions taken are added to the subject and message body. Notifications about actions taken during mail processing are sent to the sender and recipients of the message and administrators. Information about the results of scanning and actions taken is recorded in the Event log and statistics database.

After objects have been scanned and processed, the message is returned to the Lotus Domino system for subsequent delivery.

You can disable scanning of attachments, OLE objects and message body. You can also limit the time taken to scan an object, which can increase the overall speed of scanning messages. Objects that do not exceed the set value can be scanned in the server's operational memory without being saved on the hard drive.

The mail protection settings are defined by the profile that applies to the protected server. It is not possible to configure mail protection settings for an individual server. However, it is possible to disable (enable) mail protection only for each server individually.

Please note the following restrictions in the operation of mail protection:

  • Threats cannot be detected in messages encrypted with the public key of the recipient.
  • The electronic signature of messages signed by the sender is violated when a scanning report is added to the text of a message or attached files with threats are replaced with disinfected ones.

Email Security Software

avoid spam

Email security software with advanced threat protection

One email can bring down an entire network.

Because businesses rely on email for their day-to-day operations, this leaves them highly vulnerable to cybercriminals. Even the best security training won’t help if they don’t pay attention or if they receive a convincing phishing email.

MSPs require automated email security solutions in order to protect their users. N-able ™ Mail Assure features pattern recognition algorithms that work to identify the latest phishing and malware techniques with very little human input. This threat recognition capability allows for increased security without increased cost, enabling your business to spend more time on billable tasks.

Mail Assure email archiving solutions

Microsoft 365 email security solutions for business

N-able Mail Assure is an affordable way to bolster the native security and reliability of Microsoft 365. If Microsoft 365 email service has an outage or is down for maintenance, Mail Assure lets users continue sending, reading, and receiving email from our web-based dashboard—with built-in, 24/7 email continuity. If an attack lands, Mail Assure’s email security for Microsoft 365 can help stop cybercriminals and protects email against spam, viruses, ransomware, malware, phishing, and other email-borne threats from infiltrating networks—with near 100% filtering accuracy and close to zero false positives.

Seamless integration via the Mail Assure Microsoft 365 add-in, available at Microsoft AppSource, is designed to give Microsoft 365 users greater control and transparency over their email flow while enjoying the benefits of Mail Assure’s email security solutions.


Email threat prevention

Users have complete transparency into all messages in their spam quarantine. From the quarantine report, they can view, release, remove, block, deny, or allow any messages.

These actions feed into our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine—they combine with real-time, pattern-based threat-recognition to help protect your users against emerging email-borne threats, with 2B+ spam messages blocked per month. Automated abuse report generation and processing—to indicate which users or accounts are sending out spam from networks—helps prevent IP blocklisting and protect your customer’s reputation. Robust encrypted email archiving with an unlimited retention period helps ensure a safe and searchable history of email communication, and it helps prevent the loss of messages or access to important email communication.

Additionally, Mail Assure seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 via an add-in to offer your Microsoft 365 customers greater control and transparency over their email flow—while enjoying the benefits of added protection.


Email security is part of a layered security strategy

Many cyberattacks use multiple threat types and attack vectors to establish a foothold, such as malicious URLs, email phishing, or fake logon screens to capture credentials. Email tends to be the first entry point for many of these threat vectors, so it is important that you maintain an intelligent filtering system in front of your users’ inboxes. N-able Mail Assure offers nearly 100% accuracy in its filtering system, and it also allows users to easily train the system with the click of a button.

Mail Assure is an effective solution for protecting your customers, and it can be combined with other tools to create a comprehensive security strategy. Consider how you may extend protection across your IT system with more information on layered security.

Remote monitoring woman working on laptop with phone

Email security should not be a burden on your business

Email security is an important part of your business’s security posture, but it should not be a pain to get started. N-able Mail Assure is easy to set up—just add domains and update a few MX records to get started. The updated UI makes it easy to edit filtering sensitivity, change unblocked and blocked list options, and grant user-specific privileges. Single Sign On (SSO) for Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory also allows for easy access to the Mail Assure dashboard.

The easy onboarding process with Mail Assure makes it a breeze for MSPs to minimize security issues and spend more time working on billable tasks. Automating security issues is also an important part of scaling your business as you make the move from break-fix to managed services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I secure my email?

How can I secure my email?

You can add security to your email with a secure email gateway like N-able Mail Assure.

What is a secure email gateway?

What is a secure email gateway?

A secure email gateway is a security tool that filters email before it arrives at a user’s inbox.

How can I check my email security?

How can I check my email security?

A strong email security solution will allow you to view reports of malicious emails that were blocked.

What are DMARC, DKIM, and SPF?

What are DMARC, DKIM, and SPF?

These are security protocols that help to ensure the sender of an email is authentic.

How can I view blocked emails?

How can I view blocked emails?

N-able Mail Assure features a quarantine manager that allows users to view blocked emails.

What is custom branding email security?

What is custom branding email security?

Custom branding email security products allow an MSP to show their own logo on the email security dashboard.

Who needs an email security gateway?

Who needs an email security gateway?

Enhanced email security is needed by both internal IT departments and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to protect their end users.

Email Protection, Security and Email Filtering

Email protection blocking phishing, malware, spam, viruses and other malicious email threats. SpamTitan email protection solutions provides advanced yet easy to use email protection for your business. Microsoft 365 friendly.

Email Protection, Email Security and Email Filtering Key Product Features

Email Protection

SpamTitan advanced spam protection protects your business by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails.

Proven Spam Solution

Most importantly it’s an advanced and highly effective email spam filtering solution. It has a market leading 99.99% Spam Catch Rate with a 0.003% false positive rate

5 Star Security Solution

SpamTitan is a multi-award winning email security solution. Rated a 5-star anti-spam solution by the users of Spiceworks, Capterra, G2 Crowd and has won no less than 37 consecutive Virus Bulletin Spam awards.

Affordable Monthly Billing

It is a very affordable, effective and easy to use solution simply set and forget.

Easy to Manage Email Security

Set-up is very easy and your business will see immediate results. SpamTitan is easy to deploy, manage and use.

Double Anti Virus Protection

Double anti-virus protection so your spam email protection is twice as effective.

Industry Leading Support Team

Renowned for our focus on supporting customers with 98% satisfied customer rate in 2020

Whitelisting, Blacklisting & Greylisting

Allows whitelisting and blacklisting, advanced reporting, recipient verification and outbound scanning of email.

Office 365 Additional Protection Layer

Strengthen your Office365 email security against Malware through a defense in depth approach

Protection from Zero Day Attacks

A secure solution for email needs the ability to anticipate new attacks using predictive technology

Data Leak Prevention

SpamTitan adds powerful data leak prevention rules to prevent internal data loss

Advanced Phishing Protection

SpamTitan email filtering solutions prevent whaling and spear phishing by scanning all inbound emails in real time

Dedicated RBLs

SpamTitan includes 6 specialist Real Time Blacklists (RBLs), ensuring all listed domain names or URLs are rejected or quarantined.

Email Content Filtering

SpamTitan includes comprehensive content filtering rules providing a high degree of granularity needed to protect against web-borne threats.

Security Against Infected Attachments

Allows the blocking of specified attachments by type (per domain) i.e. ZIP files

Advanced Threat Protection

SpamTitan’s ATP defense uses Inbuilt Bayesian auto learning and heuristics to defend against advanced threats and evolving cyberattack techniques.

Spam Quarantine Reports

Extensive and detailed quarantine reports allowing end users control their account

Customizable Policies

Each user, domain, domain group and overall system has its own block list

Outbound Email Scanning

SpamTitan corporate spam filter scans all outbound emails for both spam and malware, and blocks any that may result in your organization´s IP address from being blacklisted.


Powerful next-gen sandbox security solution that protects against advanced email attacks

What our customers say

The best way to describe SpamTitan Email Protection is GREAT VALUE! With its 99.9% spam catch rate our IT department doesn’t have to deal with frequent email threats that were hitting our campus and now they can spend their time more productively. We also received a great price that fits our limited budget and dedicated technical support.

Jonathan O’Grady, Senior Technical Analyst De Montfort University, UK

SpamTitan has saved me, saved my company time, and has some of the best support people around. In the last year over 170k crap emails were stopped before reaching our mail servers. If I scanned every one of those emails manually with 1 minute scan time each. That’s 118 DAYS worth of time SpamTitan has saved me. Their interface is to the point and not unnecessarily flashy. We use SpamTitan cloud and it is FAST. I can pull up a weeks worth of emails for all employees in 10 seconds.

Benjamin J, Dir Information Technology M and M Inc

SpamTitan is fully featured. It has an insanely high spam catch rate. It very rarely quarantines good emails and if it does, there are many tools for users to recover and whitelist future emails. The SpamTitan software has been the best email security investment I have made. The number of features and availability of support makes this the best email protection choice in a crowded marketplace.

Dave O’Brien, Network Administrator Diversified Dynamics Corp

Highly recommended anti-spam solution. The whole interface is user-friendly, easy to navigate and well designed. Easy to deal with spam/email viruses due to the fact it can detect spam through multi-layered analysis including: real-time blacklists, sender policy frameworks, and Bayesian analysis. It easy to administer and pretty much hands off once you get it configured. In simple terms, SpamTitan reduced the amount of spam our business received. As an IT Administrator, I rarely deal with spam

Andy Waver, IT Administrator Wholesale Mid-Market

Cloud Version is Great for Managed Services Providers. We are an MSP with clients of all sizes that desire managed spam protection. They need the ability to see what messages are blocked and whitelist if necessary, in a format that all of their users can understand. We appreciate the simple, clean interface that gives us the ability to quickly setup new clients, as well as quickly find and take action on messages that the client needs to find right away. The support has been great

Andrew Burke, Vice President IT MSP

Great Buy for MSP. I was a GFI customer with multiple clients using their services. I was elated to find SpamTitan and its ability to serve my customers privately from an MSP perspective. Also, I was able to get quick answers and I was able to buy the product directly from their website in minutes. Hands down, best product I have found in the past 5 years. Favorite thing is the level of control I have over inbound and outbound mail from an MSP perspective.

Mail Protection Service: What is it and How does it Protect your Company Email?

Did you know that cybercriminals can break into your company by connecting to your email server directly?

Each year, email fraud such as phishing cost organizations billions. Malicious emails find ways to employees who are unaware, preoccupied or have a lack of training. They’re easily lured into clicking email links or downloading attachments that provide cybercriminals access to sensitive company data and networks. From phishing to malicious download links to malware to spam, the last thing you want is for your organization to be a victim.

To avoid these email spam and malware distribution techniques by cybercriminals, you need to strengthen your email protection.

What Is Mail Protection Service?

Mail Protection Service (MPS) relies on various technologies that work simultaneously to offer email protection and adequate security. The service is an email filtering solution and security platform that provides security and control features for all current email threats.

The right MPS solution for your organization should track email message paths and detect the latest security threats against competing solutions and any connection problems with other electronic systems. It should provide you with detailed visibility in areas such as the daily operation and management of your email service. You should also have access to logs and list of detected virus and spam emails.

The Problem with Conventional Email Filtering

Because attackers are getting smarter, conventional spam filters are not enough. Cybercriminals easily bypass traditional filtering methods by maintaining a significant amount of lookalike domains. And while other protocols are put into place to prevent phishing, conventional email filters only perform basic message authentication and don’t weed out targeted attacks.

What you need to avoid targeted phishing attacks, are phishing filters that are dedicated to identifying lookalike domains, mismatched ‘reply-to’ addresses, and spoof ‘header from’ email addresses.

How MPS Protects Your Company

MPS sits in front of your email server, detecting phishing, spoofing, and fraud through real-time analysis. It processes millions of messages per hour, recognizing and preventing emails from suspicious sources. Algorithms are used to determine similarities between senders and recipients, identifying trends prevalent in phishing. It also detects if there are any sophisticated malware attached to media files in download links.

Even before messages enter your system, MPS analyzes and cleans all the emails addressed to your company. The service also saves your system from strain by eliminating the additional workload created by spam. By setting features such as Anti-Botnet, Control and Quota management, MPS protects your ecosystem, ensuring only legitimate emails are received and delivered.

When it comes to next-generation email security platforms, AnubisNetworks is the solution already used by several of the top telcos, ISPs, and established organizations worldwide. AnubisNetworks’ Mail Protection Service protects against ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), phishing, spoofing, spam, virus and some of the newest advanced threats.

We know how critical it is for businesses to be prepared for the growing sophistication of cyber threats. Our MPS relies on global infrastructure for real-time network intelligence, reputation, and threat detection.

Cisco Secure Email

Cisco Secure Email (formerly Email Security) provides the best protection for your email against cyber threats.

Contact Cisco

Unsure about your Proofpoint email protection?

Get extended threat detection and response (XDR) with our built-in SecureX platform, included with a Cisco Secure Email license. Boost your Microsoft 365 security even more.

Why Cisco Secure Email?

It’s time to rethink your email security. Secure Email rapidly detects, quarantines, investigates, and remediates cyber attacks that target your email. Watch Cisco’s layered security approach in action.

Prevent phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks using a layered approach to your email security defenses.

Use robust search and remediation capabilities to stop malicious emails on Microsoft 365 and everywhere.

Get extended visibility into threats on email and beyond. Automate threat response for more efficient SecOps.


Secure Email’s comprehensive protection for on-premises and cloud-based email stops the most common and damaging cyber threats.

Protecting the #1 threat vector

Defends against phishing, business email compromise, malware in attachments, and ransomware. Industry-leading threat intelligence combats malicious links.

Learn how to create a layered approach to your email security defenses. See how Cisco Secure solutions work together to protect your users against phishing and other malware.

Keep your data safe

Robust data loss prevention and encryption safeguard information and protect outgoing email, helping you comply with government and industry regulations.

Integration with SecureX

Integration with SecureX gives enhanced visibility and automation across Cisco Secure products, helping ensure your business functions securely.

Cisco Secure Awareness Training

Cyber criminals know that employees can be exploited. Cisco Secure Awareness Training educates users to work smarter and safer.

Beyond point-in-time detection (PDF)

Protect against risky files and malicious attachments with Cisco Secure Email Malware Defense (formerly AMP for Email Security).

New packages fit for every business

Cisco Secure Email now follows a three-tier approach with new Premier, Advantage, and Essentials bundles. These bundles, with malware defense and analytics, allow better protection against sophisticated threats and a seamless buying experience.

What’s new

5 tips for choosing cloud email security

These top tips can help you pick the best cloud-based email security for your organization.

Secure Email: simplified and optimized

Learn how Cisco Secure Email has been radically simplified and optimized to help you better defend against attacks.

Cisco Secure Email is a Top Player

See why Cisco Secure Email was named a Top Player in Radicati’s Secure Email Gateway — Market Quadrant 2020.

Best practices for Microsoft 365 security

Read how users of Secure Email Cloud Gateway and Secure Email Cloud Mailbox are securing their cloud email platform.

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox

Augment Microsoft 365’s native security. Stop email threats before they reach your users.

  • Enterprise IT teams use Cloud Mailbox as a cost-effective add-on tool to identify and remediate threats quickly and easily.
  • SMBs choose Cloud Mailbox because it is simple to deploy, easy to use, and blocks many threats that Microsoft fails to detect.

Customer reviews

Reviews at Gartner

Read Gartner Peer Insights reviews on Cisco Secure Email.

Cisco Secure Awareness Training

Cyber criminals know that employees can be exploited. Cisco Secure Awareness Training educates users to work smarter and safer, strengthening your security approach.

New capabilities to protect your users and brand

Two new capabilities help block phishing emails from reaching your users and safeguard your company’s domain. Gain additional layers of protection against business email compromise (BEC).

Cisco Secure Email Phishing Defense

Detect fraudulent senders with threat intelligence that adapts in real time to block BEC and advanced phishing attacks.

Cisco Secure Email Domain Protection

Prevent attackers from using your domain to carry out phishing campaigns.

With our two new services, harness local threat intelligence to block fraudulent senders and gain control over who uses your domain.

What’s new with Secure Email? Learn about new features, product integrations, and more.

Poised for Success: Proven Factors for Your Security Program

Watch the replay of the virtual event where we share the results from our survey of 4800 security and IT professionals.

New innovations in security appliances

Cisco Secure Email (PDF)

Protect against advanced phishing attacks, email compromise, and more with the Cisco Secure Email Gateway (formerly Email Security Appliance) for cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

Cisco Secure Web Appliance (PDF)

Secure and control your web traffic with our Web Secure Appliance. Learn about our popular «set it and forget it» advantage.

Cisco Secure Email and Web Manager (PDF)

Leverage the power of integration and simplify the planning and administration of email and web security with the Cisco Secure Email and Web Manager (formerly Security Management Appliance).

Two Cisco email products provide added security for Microsoft 365

Learn why Microsoft 365 customers choose Cisco Secure Email and Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox to augment Microsoft’s native security with additional layers of protection against ransomware, business email compromise, phishing, and more.

Cisco Secure Email Buyer’s guide (PDF)

Cut through the marketing mumbo jumbo. Learn the five product features you actually need.

Best Practices for Microsoft 365 Email Security

Find out how you can better protect against ransomware, business email compromise, phishing, and more.

Cloud Mailbox provides better detection and fast remediation. See fewer escalations and save valuable time and money.

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox

Cloud Mailbox is ideal for companies with no or small IT teams: It’s simple to use and easy to understand. Add it to Cisco Secure Email to enable fast remediation.

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